Kelly Whitfield is a native of Buffalo and proud mother of two sons. She is an active advocate in the community and the Founder of the Healing Hub of New York, Inc.

She earned a Bachelor of Education degree from State University of New York at Fredonia in 2000 with various certifications and taught in both an economically challenged community in North Carolina and in Buffalo. She attended training in community building and organizational work with Faith and Action in Tennessee and she recently attended the Woman of Color Summit at Buffalo State University. She is trained in the administration of Narcan and Mental Health First Aid. Kelly is also a foster parent in Erie County.

Unfortunately, Kelly had to endure trauma herself as she was adopted into an abusive family as a baby, suffered a debilitating car crash (she took college classes in a wheelchair), was in an adult abusive relationship, and suffered the loss of a child, addiction and chronic illness. Kelly healed from her trauma and all its repercussions by using a variety of healing techniques like music, journaling, sharing her truth, utilizing peer-based relationships, all while being rooted in her deep faith.

Throughout her life, as a woman of color, Kelly was failed by every system she encountered, so she decided that our communities in Buffalo need a Healing Hub. So that all people from all backgrounds can heal from unaddressed trauma, which can have such tragic ramifications for generations. As a fully healed woman in body, mind and soul, Kelly’s heartfelt mission is to share the gift of healing with those who need it most.