Meet the Team

Meet our amazing team of volunteers committed to serving our community in the journey of healing trauma!

Executive Director & Founder:
Kelly Whitfield

Kelly Whitfield is a proud mother of two amazing sons. Her dream was to join the peace Corp, move to Africa and serve. She was always drawn to helping others and healing hurt. She was a manager at an art gallery, a dancer, a flutist, and earned academic and swimming scholarships. After a horrific head on car crash in 1996, she had to attend college in a wheelchair where she learned how to walk again. She graduated from Fredonia State in 2000 Earning a bachelor's degree in Education K-6. From there she moved to North Carolina where she became a 4th teacher focusing on areas hit hardest by poverty and raising books for the classrooms.
After moving back to Western New York and becoming a Universal Pre K teacher, Kelly found a change in purpose through her own personal struggles and traumas. She became an advocate in the community, a leader with Voice Buffalo and attended trainings for community building and organizational work with Faith and Action in Tennessee.Throughout her life, she was failed by every system she came in counter with. It was then Kelly decided that our communities need a Healing Hub to allow anyone, from any background to heal from unchecked trauma that plagues our communities and breaking generational cycles.But what qualifies her the most is she has healed from her own life's traumas and had to do it alone. She is a survivor of being adopted into sex trafficking, manipulated and controlled for 40 years while trying to cope and live with triggers. She is a survivor of a traumatic car crash, loss of a child, an abusive relationship, addiction and chronic illness. She healed using a variety of healing resolutions like music, journaling, sharing her truth, utilizing peer based relationships and depending strongly on her FAITH.
Today, Kelly is stronger then she has ever been mind, body and soul and wants to share the gift of healing with the world.

Interim President:
Cassy Dauphin

Cassy Dauphin is a birth & postpartum doula with a passion for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Cassy has been a part of the Buffalo community for over 10 years dedicating herself to the mission and work of community based organization and non-profit organizations. She is currently a Project Coordinator for The Witness Project of WNY, research associate at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and PhD student at the University at Buffalo School of Public Health. Cassy believes in the mission and vision of the Healing Hub and hopes to provide her skills to support the sustainability of this amazing organization.

Vice President:
Chrissy Erbacher

Chrissy grew up in a suburb of Syracuse, New York. After graduating from St. Bonaventure, she and her husband moved to Colorado where she worked as an elementary school and reading teacher. They moved back to Buffalo in 2003 with two young daughters in tow. Now, the parents of 4 teens, Chrissy enjoys volunteering and working towards social change. She is excited to get to work at the Healing Hub and to also pursue a degree in social work.

Mary Reimer.

Born and raised in WNY, always drawn to serving our local community, friends, and family. Served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the United Way of the Tonawandas for two 3 year terms, as well as regular volunteer work for several other agencies, inclusive (but not limited to) Muscular Dystrophy Association, Kelly for Kids and Habitat for Humanity; also hosted/contributed to countless fundraisers for individuals in need. Found a new home and family with the Healing Hub of NY, where I can continue to grow and serve my community through the services we offer


Friday Food Drive Director: Erricka Willard

Mrs. Erikka Willard is an advocate for unity and justice for all. She has a strong faith that blesses her to make her way through this journey called life. Errika is a board member of the UHC (University Heights Collaborative) and volunteers in the community through various organizations. Errika is very passionate on bringing unconditional love and healing in the foster care system and working with victims of Domestic Violence. She works diligently volunteering with WNY Healing Hub, Voice Buffalo, ECRJC and others connecting communities. She believes we must learn to give self love first. And she fills her heart volunteering practicing and facilitating with Erie County Restorative Justice Practices helping to bring a space for healing to begin giving love to everyone and everything she comes in contact with.

Saturdays Food Drive Director & Doula:
Maxine Scott

Maxine Scott is a 59 year old woman who is a mother, a grandmother of 46 and a great grandmother of 12. She has dedicated her life to caring for children and feeding the most vulnerable communities. Experiencing her own traumas, Maxine lives to serve others to spread hope and love. She is Vice President of the social club, Benevolent Beauties, who serve the community feeding the Homeless and creating activities for the YOUTH. She leads the Food Drive for the Healing Hub of New York every Saturday where she feeds the Homeless community hot food, coffee and love on Ellicott Street. And Being trained as a Doula and volunteering at Durham Stress Free Zone, Maxine also serves as a Doula for the Healing Hub providing services, advocacy and education to expecting moms.

Music Director:
Omidara Edwards

Eugenia 'Omidara' Edwards l am an advocate for my community, and the LGBTQ community, as l continue the fight for justice for ALL. I used to be homeless, and know how it feels not to have support, my mission is always geared towards the better good for All. She is also a retired Food Service supervisor. AAS in Business Management Advocate, Activist for Human rights, and justice for all. Omidaras mission in life is leaving the world in a better place they way the Lord intended.

Reiki Healing:
Erin Coady

I am a mother of three powerful ladies, a Reiki Master with a passion for meditation. I have taken classes/ certifications in Mediumship, Empath, and crystals. I follow my heart and intuition to help heal emotional traumas that are keeping us stagnant in life.

Healing through Dance:
Erica Ruiz

Erica is driven by passion, movement and creative expression. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Erica earned her bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science at Hilbert College in 2014. In trusting and following her heart, Erica chose to follow her dream of becoming a Zumba Instructor to provide a positive and joyous experience with every class she teaches. Erica is also a Reiki practitioner, an alternative therapy for physical, emotional, and mental treatment. As a little girl Erica was very shy and struggled to use her voice to communicate. As an adult her mission is to break that pattern and step into her power and truth. Her passion to help serve the community stems for her knowing how important it is to be heard and supported. Erica has found healing through dance, meditation/mindfulness, poetry and belief in herself. Erica strives to be the change she wishes to see in the world!

Art Healer:
Crystal Huss

Crystal Huss is a mother of 4 and grandmother of two. She graduated from South Park High School in 1993 with Regents courses in National Honor Society and received a diploma of engineering. She attended at ECC City where she studied painting and design. Having experienced many hardships she has had to give up on her original passions to pursue her family. She has experienced domestic violence, custody challenges and addiction but has found away to change her life through church where she found healing. She is committed to her journey of staying sober, and uses her talents and tools to connect with others in a positive way. She paints to find comfort and peace and she enjoys sharing that joy.
"We are all trying to heal from all we've been through and I'm doing all I can to be the best mom God made me to be. I just love helping others and sharing what I went through so that in turn maybe someone can heal too. I absolutely love to give back when I can. That's what brought me the hub to show others that there is hope in healing."

Early Childhood & Postpartum Support:
Pamela Dunn

Pamela Dunn, a mother of 2 sons, and honorary mom to hundreds of other young athletes that she has touched during 11 years of volunteering for youth football organizations in the City of Buffalo. She graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Communication Studies.
Pamela is currently the Team Leader of the Elma Day Hab Program for sasi, that services developmentally disabled adults. She has been with the agency for 13 years. In 2018, Pamela helped to found Black Wall Street 716, a non-profit whose main goal is to rebuild the community through advocacy, business development,
financial growth, mentorship, self-worth, and networking.
"During a time where people look at things as a glass half full or half empty, I look at it as being grateful that I have a glass".

Danielle Girst

Hello I am Danielle Girst. I run the self esteem Dare 2 be different workshop. My purpose with the Hub Is to uplift people so they can become the best version of their self. Give them the purpose that their affirmations can manifest. A sense of comfortably that regardless of what the world see you as its about what you see yourself as that matters. Also help heal them from things that once broke them. No matter what broken crayons can still color. I dare you to be different.

Financial Healing:
Harold "Knuckles" Erbacher

Harold Erbacher also known as "Knuckles" is the proud father of four teenagers and is even prouder of his wife of 24 years, Chrissy. Harold spent 8 years as a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers and currently is an executive with multiple local businesses. Harold assists with the Financial Budgeting workshop on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Healing through Crochet:
Michelle Lawson

Michelle Lawson is a fiber artist, designer, and owner of Knitorious Knerd. She currently resides in Western, NY with her two sons, her husband, and two cats. Originally from Cleveland, OH, Michelle has worked as an ESL teacher for international students before becoming diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Although her disability has slowed her down in her profession, she was still determined to bring joy, inspiration, and beauty to this world. Michelle currently teaches workshops on crochet and expressing your artistic soul through the crafts.

Healing through
Bird Watching:
Schuyler Lawson

Schuyler Lawson was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he moved to Buffalo with his wife and two sons to pursue a master’s degree in psychology at the University at Buffalo. Once he graduated from that program in 2019, he enrolled in a Ph.D. program for public health at UB where his research focus is disparities in mental health and substance use in racial and sexual minorities. Schuyler is an avid birder who wishes to share his passion for birds and the great outdoors with others through the Healing Hub.

Food Drive Volunteer:

Kristy is a High School Math teacher in a rural town in Chautauqua County. She is a 4H leader in Eden and a softball/baseball Mom with two amazing kids—a fifteen year old and a five year old. Her five year old is a special needs child with a tree nut allergy, a sensory processing disorder and anxiety.
Kristy enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, drawing, painting and creating jewelry, signs and other items. She and her husband of twenty years are currently starting a small crafting business.
Kristy assists Healing Hub with making computer files and helping at the Friday food drives in the summer—along with her teen daughter, Evelyn.