Healing Workshops & Initiatives

To be a beacon in our community and online for people suffering from abuse, addiction, childhood trauma, poverty and homelessness to heal through workshops, peer-to-peer counseling, discussion groups and weekly food and clothing drives. To provide a safe haven of non-judgmental support, so that clients can share openly about their challenges, past and present, and begin to heal, and in doing so, break generational cycles of abuse or trauma. To empower clients, as they gain confidence and self-love, to move forward, as they learn valuable skills of relationship building and how to cope with stress.

Here are all of the workshops we offer here at the Healing Hub of NY.

If you are interested in registering for any of the following workshops, please click the button below or Call 716-2028415

Finding Your Voice through Writing

"Find your voice and get empowered through journaling and creative writing. Break the stigma of telling your truth and take your power back."

A 1-2 hour in person & online writing workshop

Healing through Fitness

"Move your body and get fit right in the comfort of your own home. Create ways to relieve stress and heal the mind-body and soul."

A 1-hour pre-recorded online fitness workshop

Command Your Mornings

"Learn how to command each day with a positive start to a healthier lifestyle mind, body, and spirit."

A 1-hour online empowerment workshop

Personal Finances
Mondays at 6:00pm

Learn to budget, save, and increase your credit in a judgment-free zone

A 1-hour online financial planning workshop

Men's Restorative Healing Groups

"Men go through trauma too. Let’s break the stigma and talk about it so we can heal from it in a judgment-free zone! Together, we can break cycles."

A 1-2 hour guided peer-support group

Music Workshops

In person music workshops for:

  • Singing

  • Teen talk Podcasting sessions

  • Guitar

  • Piano

Peer-to-Peer Counseling


Family Therapy

Birthing Doulas and Post-Partum Doulas

Lactation Consulting